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Whether in the medical and manufacturing industry or in business, service is becoming a more crucial factor for success, coping with cost pressure and increasingly stringent regulations, without losing focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore we support our customers around the world with technology-based services throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects and products.

Our services can be categorized in three major entities:

• Product related Services |  • Consulting |  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Product Related Services

We provide product related services such as

  • commissioning
  • technical support
  • online support
  • upgrades
  • user and service engineer training courses

for all major product categories we offer. They help to safeguard your investment and improve the performance of your product over the long term.

For plant and facility operation we also offer integral maintenance, remote maintenance, long-term service contracts, and optimization and modernization services for greater productivity and efficiency.

Our service is not limited to the scope of our software, and encompasses maintenance for whole systems, including the crucial hardware components. Therefore we work closely with the most experienced experts in the particular scope of the application.

Our service offerings lay the fundament for minimal downtimes and the optimal use of staff and resources throughout the lifecycle of your solution. Product related user training and the know-how of our experts create the solid basis for our customers’ competitiveness and success.


Successful kick-off and completion of larger projects, comprising specialized software and hardware components requires careful coordination, foresight and profound technical and organizational know-how.

To lead your projects to success, we offer our expertise and provide consulting services throughout all phases of your project. Our main focus lies on medical and industrial imaging solutions and automated systems.

The portfolio of our consulting services includes

  • Early stage project planning and feasibility studies for integrated hardware/software solutions and distributed systems
  • Active project monitoring and reporting services
  • Problem solving during critical project phases
  • Quality monitoring and assurance

Our goal is to help your projects become productive as fast as possible and to ensure optimal operation right from the start.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We are planning to provide a rich palette of business oriented web-based software services that might add value to your organization.

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