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Medical Picture Information Center - MPIC

Figure: SelbyTec MPIC

MPIC, the Medical Picture Information Center by SelbyTec is a lightweight, scalable PAX system. It consists of the MPIC Server, the MPIC Diagnostic Clients and the MPIC Review Workstations.

The SelbyTec MPIC Server is the communication centre of the MPIC solution. The server software includes the DICOM database with a range of administrative tools.

The SelbyTec MPIC Teleradiology Gateway connects the MPIC Server to the different DICOM compatible modalities in a radiological environment and handles the connection to Oncology Information Systems (OIS), Treatment Control Systems (TCS) and Treatment Planning Systems (TPS).

The SelbyTec MPIC Diagnostic RT-Client is an advanced, multifunctional image processing station, optimized for the radiology environment. It is seamlessly connected to the MPIC Server, allows individualized visualization of the patient data and provides excellent 2D and 3D graphics capabilities.

The SelbyTec MPIC Review Client is the standard workplace for fast and efficient review of images within the patient database.

The MPIC system can be extended to support web frontends.

SelbyTec AccuraC

Figure: SelbyTec AccuraC

SelbyTec AccuraC is the all-in-one solution that provides cutting edge verification technology for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) by SelbyTec.

AccuraC comprises full DICOM network capabilities, a broad instrumentarium that allows achieving highest accuracies at an impressive performance, and an optimal workflow to minimize patient set-up time.

SelbyTec AccuraC connects seamlessly with the infrastructure in oncological facilities and can be deployed for a large range of treatment machines.

AccuraC supports utilization of numerous radiographic and tomographic imaging modalities. Our QA tools ensure secure and highly accurate targeting.

SelbyTec AccuraC enhances safety and effectiveness of external beam radiotherapy for the benefit of your patients!

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Figure: SelbyTec DRView VET

DRView VET is a solution for veterinary X-ray applications.

Its major features include

  • DR image acquisition integrated into DRView VET, supporting various X-ray cameras from the Varian Paxscan series (amorphous silicon X-ray detectors) as well as different image intensifier based systems;
  • The SelbyTec DRView VET software can control the High Voltage Generator for X-ray acquisitions and provides a rich set of anatomical programs to facilitate selection of the right doses for large and small animals;
  • DRView VET comes with a stand-alone Microsoft Access database supporting all DICOM IODs related to veterinarians’ radiographic needs;
  • The DRView VET system supports worklists and provides a rich image visualization and manipulation toolset, including sophisticated filtering plugins, developed by SelbyTec for optimal image quality at low X-ay dose;
  • For your convenience, the DRView VET system supports usage of a second screen for image examinations without distraction;
  • Last but not least, SelbyTec DRView VET provides handy tools to annotate images and to perform photogrammetric measurements within radiographic images;

High Voltage Console - HVC

Figure: SelbyTec High Voltage Control

The SelbyTec High Voltage Console (HVC) is a set of tools that facilitates your work with High Voltage X-Ray Generators, makes your efforts more productive, and is available for a reasonable price.

The toolset aims at supporting remote control and maintenance of your HV Generator, and speeds-up installation, calibration, QA works, and error diagnoses.

The High Voltage Console suite is simple to deploy on Microsoft Windows and currently supports X-Ray Generators of Sedecal SA and the Epsilon Generator series.

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