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ESTRO 33: SelbyTec presented Proton Therapy Solution

Egelsbach, April 8th, 2014

SelbyTec proudly presented its novel approach for exact external beam oncological treatment on ESTRO 33 in Vienna, the premier European event in Radiation Oncology.

Figure: SelbyTec ESTRO Booth

We focussed on the latest technology for radiation treatment: Proton Therapy

The use of proton therapy to treat cancerous tumours is a technical progress of our time, making cancer treatment more effective and secure. Its success is rapidly driving proton therapy into clinical treatment facilities around the world. Accurate dose delivery plays a vital role in the exciting success story of proton therapy.

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SelbyTec, together with its partners, presented the most accurate solution for proton therapy available on the market today, reaching over
  • the Beam Delivery System
  • the Gantry System
  • the Patient Support (Robotic Couch or Chair for 6 DOF)
  • and the Verification Imaging

We proudly supply our customers with a complete proton therapy solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the radio-oncological infrastructure and can be served by a variety of particle accelerators.

On ESTRO 33, we were able to demonstrate our scanning technology for pencil-beam scanning and a fully integrated system that combines the most advanced technologies available for radiology. The following features make our solution a strong commitment to the future of particle therapy:
  • Fully integrated software solutions
  • Compatibility with planning software of various vendors (ARIA, Mosaiq, etc.)
  • The most precise patient positioning system on the market
  • Integrated safety and control systems
  • Full featured imaging capabilities for patient position verification
Figure: AccuraC on ESTROFigure: SelbyTec ESTRO booth
Figure: SelbyTec ESTRO boothFigure: SelbyTec ESTRO booth
Figure: SelbyTec ESTRO boothFigure: SelbyTec ESTRO booth

While similar solutions have to make sacrifices clinically and operationally when it comes to the available peak energy, accuracy and integration into the hospital, our system combines the advantages of present proton therapy solutions, just at a higher accuracy, for more secure treatment.

Our system provides major benefits over other systems, for
  • hospitals
  • medical physicists
  • and patients

Figure: AccuraC on ESTRO

If you are interested in more information on our solutions, please don’t hesitate to › contact us in order learn the details of our outstanding system.

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